Terms and Conditions

By engaging in communication and commissioned work with Vonlang Designs and its child companies, you agree to these terms and conditions. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


The terms “client” or “customer” or “they” or “them” refer to individuals or organizations who engage with design, videography, or promotional production work with Vonlang Designs and its child companies (Vonlang Promo and Vonlang Videos). “Work” or “project(s)” refers to any digitally produced image or video graphic assets, or physically produced promotional material assets (ex: business cards, apparel, etc). “We” or “us” or “our” will refer to Vonlang Designs and its child companies.


Quotes given for promotional product orders are valid for ten (10) business days from the date the quote is provided (via email or otherwise) to the client. Quotes given for design or video projects are valid for thirty (30) business days from the date the quote is provided to the client. After the timeframe has expired, a new quote may be generated. Estimates are not a set-in-stone figure that will appear on the final invoice – developing information and factors can alter estimates.


We proof all items and artwork prior to proceeding with production and offer an estimate of turnaround time for in-hand delivery. If, after the client approved a project, changes to the project are made (ex: changes type of product ordered, artwork changes, deadlines, etc), the in-hand delivery date may be postponed, there is no guarantee that artwork can be updated if in the middle of production, and no guarantees of stock availability if product is changed. The client is responsible for restocking fees and additional labor fees if applicable. If the client fails to communicate their in-hand due date, we are not responsible for items arriving in-hand past their desired date. Turnaround time for production of printed materials is about 10 business days after the order has been approved – this is not including shipping time if applicable.


VONLANG PROMO: Typical turnaround time is about 10 business days (excludes holidays and weekends) AFTER approval has been made on an order. Massive orders or specialty orders requiring extra steps may require additional time. Due to COVID 19 and its impact on the global supply chain, we are unable to guarantee an in-hand delivery date for any embroidery, screen-printed, or other printed products associated with Vonlang Promo orders. We do our best to provide an accurate turnaround estimate for projects, however, supply and shipping circumstances may affect actual in-hand due dates. We will work diligently to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible under the circumstances.

VONLANG DESIGNS & VONLANG VIDEOS: Estimated turnaround times for graphic design, branding, videography, etc, are not a guarantee for project completion. Unforeseen project details or situations can push back expected deadlines. We strive to make our best judgement on how quickly a project can reach completion under normal circumstances. If a project has a definitive due date that cannot lapse, this must be communicated to us when the project is initiated by the client.


‚ÄčIf a project is needing completed the same day as the request was submitted by the client, there will be a 50% upcharge for graphic design work, a 100% upcharge for videography work, a 100% upcharge in print production work. Rush capabilities are on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee of time of completion.


We accept several forms of payment, however we reserve the right to request specific forms of payment on a case by case basis. Unless otherwise specified, payment in full is due upon project completion or at time of delivery. A down-payment of 50% is required for all new website projects. We reserve the right to request a down-payment on other projects for any reason. Sales tax will be applied to all goods sold unless a tax exempt form is provided by the client. Credit card fees are applied to all orders that are paid via secure online credit card checkout.


There is a $25 charge for all returned checks. 20% interest will be charged on all unpaid balances after 30 days. After 60 days, 40% interest will be charged on all unpaid balances. After 90 days, 60% interest will be charged on all unpaid balances. If a project is left unpaid after 120 days, it will go to collections.


If the client / customer initiates or otherwise commits to a project that has or hasn’t been paid for, yet they have discontinued communication or involvement in the project before the project comes to completion, the project will be considered abandoned after 12 months of inactivity. No reimbursement will be afforded or issued to the client / customer. If the project is left unpaid, legal action will be taken to collect due payment. There will be no guarantee of abandoned project assets (graphics, videography, designs, logos, websites, etc) being retained on file or on Vonlang Designs’ servers. The abandoned project assets are subject to deletion.


We reserve the right to discontinue doing business with any individual or company without providing a reason.